Privacy Policy


Fun Casino Guarantees the Privacy of Clients

Since its very first day, Fun Casino has prioritized the privacy of its clients. Every Fun Casino employee, subsidiary and agent values the protection of all clients' details and identifying information; these details are not shared with anyone else. For clients who have questions about our privacy policy, the customer service reps will reply promptly to any queries.

Submitted information:

In the course of regular business, Fun Casino collects identifying information from its clients. This collection often occurs through online forms, but can also be conducted through sent emails. A secure payment processor ensures that every client's financial information is kept secure and safe. Also, for the sake of transparency, it should be noted that cookies also collect data from clients whenever they visit Fun Casino.

How Is This Information Used?

Here are some of the purposes for which Fun Casino gathers information from clients:
• To improve the playing experience at Fun Casino
• In order to handle customer service issues faster and more efficiently
• To capture demographics and do market research that will benefit clients later on
• To reach out to clients via email when a new product or service may be of interest to them.

Fun Casino Marketing Preferences:

All Fun Casino guests retain the right to be contacted about new services—or they can choose not to receive such messages. In order to exclude yourself from these notifications, simply go to the My Account tab of your account and then follow the instructions in order to halt marketing communications.

Policy on Cookies:

Cookies serve a very useful function for both Fun Casino and its guests. The word cookie is a tech term for data that is sent from a web server to a browser; cookies actually provide the mechanism that allows for this collection of data from a browser. At Fun Casino, cookies are used in order to make the player's experience faster and more targeted to their unique preferences. At Fun Casino, cookies tend to make life easier for everyone, so clients are encouraged to allow them. If, for some reason, a client prefers to disable cookies, this can be done from the computer's browser. Anyone who has questions about how to do this should check out the help section of their browser or look up the process online.  

Fun Casino Disclosures:

Fun Casino pledges not to disclose clients' personal details to other firms or organizations that do not exist under our umbrella of businesses, government entities, partners and agencies, including law enforcement. Potential future administrators of this company and their vendors will only be provided with this information in need-to-know circumstances. Only in the event of legal necessity will Fun Casino disclose any information about its clients.

Other Sites:

It should be noted that clients will often see referral links when they visit Fun Casino. These links, which lead to third-party websites, are not within the jurisdiction of Fun Casino. These websites will be subject to their own privacy policies and collect data in their own way. Fun Casino is not responsible for anything that occurs on or because of these websites, and users will need to confirm the terms and conditions of these sites on their own.

Right of Access:

Every Fun Casino client has the right to ask for a copy of their personal data and details that are being held by the company. All such requests can be sent to: fun Casino, 26 Ghar id-Dud Street, Sliema, Malta.

Transfers Across the Internet:

Because the internet is broadcast around the world, information and data may be transferred across different borders and countries. By visiting this casino, Fun Casino users acknowledge the fact that they understand the way in which electronic communications work, and they give their consent to this method of data processing.