Responsible Gaming


Responsible Gaming Will Make Your Experience Even More Exhilarating

At Fun Casino, everyone believes that responsible gaming is the only way to go. When clients play within their means, they are able to enjoy themselves more. If clients are honest about their finances and set the appropriate limits for themselves, it's a better situation for everyone involved.

In the event that a client begins to feel they are infringing upon their own pre-set limits, then it is time to take action. When starting out at this live casino, it is advisable that every client set their long-term limits, as well as their short-term goals. These can be set for a 24-hour period, for a week, or even for a month. Clients who are monitoring themselves may even choose to take a break for a set amount of time. Every person knows what the best course of action is for their own particular situation. With this in mind, clients can determine how far they can go with their wagers, which should always be part of their discretionary income.

Fun Casino cares about providing exceptional customer service, and this means that we want to support our clients in every way possible. Here are some of the guidelines that we recommend our clients follow in order for a safe and happy experience at the casino:

For your convenience, Fun Casino has actually provided the following limitation settings in order to make everything easier: 1. From within their account section, clients can request a decrease in their deposit limits. 2. Wagering limits may also be imposed. 3. Bet limits within a certain time period may be established. 4. Clients may put a limit on the amount of time they can spend at the casino. 5. For those who wish to impose a break from the casino, clients can select a seven-day exclusionary period, a 30-day break, a six-month break, or even a permanent exclusion. Whatever your preferences may be, Fun Casino is here to serve you.

Limit decreases are activated immediately, and increases to personal limits will take one week to activate.

Wagering and Limits Clients registering for the first time are subject to standard limits. These are set for the day, week and month; clients are always given access to their own limits. Also, these limits may be altered to suit client preferences. However, clients are not permitted to unlock their own accounts, and they must wait the specified amount of time. Those who are seeking to have their accounts un-suspended must write a letter explaining how and why their account was locked. This letter must also detail why the client believes the account should be reactivated before the allotted period of time.

When clients make a deposit with their credit cards, they must be able to pass a security screening that includes document verification. Since the customer service team is available 24-7, they will be able to assess your ID details through live chat or emails. During the verification process, clients can also expect to either receive an email or a phone call from the customer service team. Before a withdrawal can be made on any account, the client must clear the identification vetting process.

Full Exclusion: Every player maintains the right to close their account at all times. For Fun Casino clients who have decided that they would prefer to be completely excluded from the site, this can be done by going into the account settings and clicking on the ""lock"" option. When a client clicks ""forever"", their account will be permanently closed.

VERY IMPORTANT - Once an account has been excluded from Fun Casino, all pending balances are forfeited and said account can't be reopened.

Customer Assistance: Fun Casino takes great pride in offering customers the support they need. Available all day, every day, this dynamic team is able to discuss and successfully address any concerns that players may have. Available through email, live chat or the phone, this gregarious group is always willing to lend a hand to players.

Problem gambling: Players who are concerned that they may have a gambling addiction can contact the following groups for support:

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